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Executive Board

Executive board members in 2022-2024

Election for the new Executive board for the term 2022-2024 was held on July 3, 2022 where 8 board members were elected. The office bearers were elected in an Executive board meeting on July 3, 2022.

The names and functions of members are:

  • Mr. Vinod Sehdev – President

  • Mr. Dev Pal Singh – Vide President

  • Mr. Pawan Sharma – Treasurer

  • Dr. Victor van Bijlert – Secretary

  • Mrs. Shanti  Pahladsingh – Board Member


Due to the amendments made in the constitution of NIA, it was decided by AGM to appoint 4 senior and experienced loyal members for an advisory council. The executive board then approved the names and the institution of such a council in the board meeting on July 3, 2022. The Advisory council is as follows:

  • Drs. Mrs. Marianne Oort

  • Drs. Ram Lakhina

  • Drs. Badri Madan

  • Dr. Dirk Kolff

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