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Executive Board

Executive board members in 2022-2024

Elections for the new Executive board for the term 2024-2025 was held on May 22, 2024 where 8 board members were elected. The office bearers were elected in an Executive board meeting on May 22, 2024.

The names and functions of members are:

  • Mr. Dev Pal Singh – President

  • Ms. Shanti  Pahladsingh – Vice President

  • Mr. Pawan Sharma – Treasurer

  • Dr. Victor van Bijlert – Secretary

  • Mr. Remy van Nieuwenhoven - Board Member

  • Ms. Krithika Baru Rao - Board Member

  • Mr. Shivam Joshi - Board Member

  • Mr. Jayadev Sukumaran - Board Member

Due to the amendments made in the constitution of NIA, it was decided by AGM to appoint senior and experienced loyal members for an advisory council. The executive board then approved the names and the institution of such a council in the board meeting on May 22, 2024. The Advisory council is as follows:

  • Mr. Vinod Sehdev

  • Drs. Mrs. Marianne Oort

  • Drs. Ram Lakhina

  • Drs. Badri Madan

  • Dr. Dirk Kolff

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