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The Netherlands-India Association dates back to April 1951. During the course of its history its character and composition have changed remarkably. The Association was created by a group of Dutch people interested in philosophical and varied cultural aspects of Indian society. In the early years, the aim of the Association was to organize lectures and talks on aspects of Indian religions, culture and philosophy.

By 1969 the number of Indians living in the Netherlands had increased significantly and the composition and character of the Association started to reflect the socio-cultural interests also of its Indian members. This was reflected in its Constitution written and adopted in June 1973.

By the 1990s, many people of Indian origin from India and Surname were living in The Netherlands.

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 1951-2011

NIA was proud to celebrate 60 years of the Association in 2011 with its members and many guests. It was a happy occasion to reflect on the birth, growth and survival of one of the oldest cultural associations in the Netherlands, which till today continues to play an important role to strengthen the friendship between two important countries in the world.

The NIA has brought not only the Indian classical arts to the Dutch stage; but also the traditional arts of the Netherland. It has contributed to the rich traditions of both the countries. Bilateral interest always plays an important role in its evolution. We are proud to be part of this growing organization, which has witnessed the footprints of the prominent members of India and the Netherlands.

Diamond Jubilee was an occasion to cherish the past with gratitude and to sharpen our vision of the future.

These celebrations included 4 important activities:

  1. Publication of a Commemorative Volume depicting the broader history of the NIA and its role in disseminating the knowledge of both the countries in the background of the constantly changing cultural, academic, commercial and industrial scenes. The volume contained 20 articles on a wide spectrum of the relations between The Netherlands and India. The Diamond Jubilee was also a unique moment for us not only to reflect on the past; but also to contemplate on our future.

  2. A cricket match – “The Ambassador of India Eleven vs The Mayor of Wassenaar Eleven”,was held in June 2011.

  3. A symposium on Indo-Dutch relationship and co-operation in September 2011. Leading academicians and experts took part in this symposium. Subjects touching different aspects of Indo-Dutch relationship were discussed in two sessions.

  4. Finally, a Grand Concluding Cultural Programme was held in December in the Dr. Anton Philip theater in The Hague. In this final event of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration excellent artists from India and the Netherlands gave performances. The Jubilee book was presented on this occasion which was attended by many dignitaries, members and guests.

Dutch Royal Family

NIA is delighted that the a Dutch Royal Family holds close ties with the Indian sub-continent.

Add letter from Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands, Queen Beatrix from old website

The Netherlands-India Association has come a long way since its creation in 1951 and today it continues to contribute actively to the development of Indo-Dutch cultural relations.

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